Wedding Planning Ideas

Things to help you with your Sports Themed Event Planning


Hello, I know I struggled to find sports themed wedding planning ideas when I was working on planning my own event.  So after I get all of my sample designs into my shop, I will circle back and share all of the simple wedding plans and ideas I came across while I was doing so.  In the meantime, and are great wedding planning websites if you need help getting started.  They both had checklists and articles on how to plan a wedding in general that helped me get started.  And then I’m here for all of your theme specific wedding planning help and wedding ideas to make sure it all ties together!  

  Until then, please enjoy this fun sports themed wedding podcast I found to give you a few ideas to get started…

If you haven’t already peeked at my Pinterest profile, now is a great time to do that, I’ve been collecting sports themed event idea boards since 2012.  So no matter what you need, there’s plenty of ideas there to get you started. 

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