Kitchen Registry Ideas

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The Essentials

GreenPan Ceramic Pans – All of our pans are ceramic pans because we love them, but if you want to start with just a few, I would get their egg pan, 8″ and 10″ skillet set and a 2 qt sauce pan          

And then we also love our ceramic muffin tins & baking trays – especially for meal prepping egg breakfasts.  


This set of measuring cups and spoons is wonderful because it includes so many sizes.  


Measuring Cups – I like to use this Oxo 2-cup plastic one with the internal measuring lines for getting water from the faucet & then I like the Pyrex 4 Cup glass one for when I need to measure out multiple cups of something at a time.  For measuring 1 cup & under, I use the metal set of measuring cups above.  


Metal Mixing Bowls – I like the light weight nature & nesting of metal mixing bowls.

Silicone Spoons & Spatulas – the silicone gets the edges of the pan better because it’s a little flexible and the one piece aspect makes them super easy to clean as well.  


Tongs – You’ll use them all the time for both grilling & frying – this pair has held up for years and years.  


Vegetable Peeler & Pasta-er – Ok, so it’s really called a Julienne peeler, but you’re gonna use it to make zucchini into pasta, so I call it the pasta-er


Glass Cutting Board – I know it sounds weird but I love my glass cutting boards.  The glass surface is non-porous so it’s super hygienic and easy to clean. 


Set of 3 Stainless Steel Colanders – Could you get by with one large one, probably.  But I like to have different sizes so that I can use one close in size to what I’m using it for.  


Brita Water Filter – I like this one because it holds more water than the handheld ones.  Also, did you know they now make filters you only have to replace every 6 months?  


Meat Thermometers – Ok, so I have a regular thermometer with temperatures, but I never use it since I don’t know what temperature different meats are supposed to get to just by looking at it.  So instead I use these little thermometers all the time, because the temperature I’m going for is already marked for me.  


Nice to Haves – These are things that are nice to have if you enjoy cooking…

Mandoline Slicer – Makes slicing things like potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, etc. super fast & easy.

Grater & Peeler, Lemon Zester – I like this hand held set because they can be stored in a drawer.  

OXO Good Grips Ground Meat Chopper – If you cook ground anything on the regular, you need one of these.  It’s odd, I have no idea why it works, but once you use it, you’ll never use a spatula for cooking ground meat again.  

Fancy Wine Opener – if you enjoy wine, you really do want a bottle opener that pulls the cork out for you, it’s a simple thing that will make each glass taste just a little nicer. 

Whisks Set – We only ended up keeping the largest & the smallest of these because those are the two we ended up using, but at this price, you might as well start with the 4 and see what sizes best suit your cooking style.  


The Appliances

Let me start by saying we are an anti-kitchen gadget household, so these are the items we find to be essential & worth the space they take up.  

Blender & Food Processor in one – I’ve never really understood why these two things aren’t the same, so I’m all for one kitchen gadget that does both.   


Crock Pot – We do fine with one traditional 4.5 quart one, but the Crock Pot store has lots of options to meet your cooking needs.  

Toaster Oven – I find a toaster oven SOOO much more useful than just a toaster because it both toasts & bakes small things.  And all of the settings on this particular one make it super versatile. 


Griddle – We store it in the pull out tray underneath the oven (along with our cookie sheets).


Electric Can Opener – Ours is over 10 years old at this point & still works perfectly.  The top part is dishwasher safe!


Hand Mixer – I don’t use this a ton, but when I need it, it’s very handy to have.  I love that this one has it’s own storage container so that it’s not awkward in the cabinet.  


Nespresso Coffee Machine & Capsules – This machine & it’s coffee pods are made by Starbucks so you can make Starbucks quality coffee at home.  I literally haven’t been to Starbucks in months because I can make my usuals at home now.  Also – they recycle their coffee pods! 


Milk Frother – If you want to make coffee shop drinks at home, this will up your coffee game.  I also use it for mixing up protein shakes and hot chocolate.  



For Food Storage we swear by Pyrex Snap Ware – we currently have 3 of these sets


And then for storing larger meals we use these larger Pyrex bowls and Rectangular bowls 


Knife Organizer – Knife blocks dull your knives, so we store them in a drawer like this (we have two side by side). 


Pantry Storage – When we got our set of these it didn’t include the cereal one (Bonus!) but we find this set to be perfect for storing flour in the biggest one, sugar in the next smallest, brown sugar in the next smallest and powdered sugar in the smallest one.  


Meal Containers – We meal prep now & find these containers to be very useful for prepacking our lunches.  I like the teal color, but they also have the more traditional black or white.


Mason Jars – Did you know that if you do a vinegar rinse and then store berries in mason jars they’ll last longer than if you don’t? 



The Plates & Such

Square Plate Sets – I love square plates because they store better in the cabinet and are super easy to pop in the dishwasher.  


Stackable Bowls – Trust me you want your cereal bowls to stack well, and you want to have enough of them that when one or two break you don’t have to mismatch with other kinds, so I recommend getting 3 sets, or 12 total to start, more if you have kids who will be using them too. 


Glass Ware Set – I love this 16 glass set.  The weighted bottoms make them harder to knock over while the indents make them ergonomic to hold.  After 10 years, Scott and I haven’t broken any of them and the cat has only knocked two of them off the counter – not bad at all as far as I’m concerned.  


Oneida Silverware Set – I love this silverware set because if it’s sleek timeless look but honestly any Oneida set will hold up great over time, no matter what get enough for 12 so that you don’t have to do the dishes just because you’re out of silverware.  


Steak Knives – These knives are awesome, having both the serrated edge and non serrated part in one is crazy useful.  


The Green Stuff

These are the things I love to use over and over again to cut down on single use plastic waste.  

Glass Drinking Straws – I know it sounds weird but I like them so much better than plastic, silicone or metal ones & I’ve only broken two of them after ~ 4 years.  



The Fun Stuff

Sassy Blue Q Oven Mitts – These crack me up every time I use them.  


Fun Kitchen Towels – Kitchen towels are a cheap & easy way to decorate your kitchen.  We always have two hanging on the oven handle.


Birthday Number Candle Set – having these on hand saves me from needing to remember to go buy candles for every single birthday.  And get 2 sets for those double digit birthdays & whatever decade you’ll be in for awhile.  


Do you love popcorn?  Then you’ll have fun making your own microwave popcorn with this glass microwave popcorn popperpopcorn kernel kit & seasoning


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