Baseball Themed Event Ideas

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The Essentials

Favor/Treat Bags & Popcorn Boxes – If you want to give out peanuts or any other bagged treat, I absolutely love the print on these bags.  And if you’re doing popcorn, nothing beats these boxes.


Baseball Party Cups – Look at how cute & classy these cups are.  I think the mostly white with just the stitching is an awesome look.


A Concessions Banner – They’re super easy to make yourself if you have a Cricut or similar machine.  But if you don’t have one of them or the time, be sure to order one to hang above your food area.  


The Wedding Stuff

Baseball Bat Mugs – These are an AWESOME idea for your bridal party gifts, if you have the budget.  


Baseball Bat Pens – You could get lots if you want to use them as your favors, or they could also just be fun to use while you’re planning and for signing your license & guest book on the big day.  

The Birthday Party Stuff


Baseball Bat Birthday Candles – Not only do these exist, but they also come in Black, Red, Blue or Pink as well, in case you want to get your team’s colors as well!


The Fun Stuff


Baseball Water Slide – If it’s a summer party & you have the space, this looks like a lot of fun.  We have one of their smaller water slides & it’s really well made.  


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